Top 10 Pet Names in China

Top 10 Pet Names in China

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China has become the third-largest pet market in the world, falling just short of the U.S. and Brazil with roughly 28 million dogs and 11 million cats. The value of the market is expected to grow by 50% from 2016 by 2019. Dogs are the most popular pets in China, followed by cats and turtles, with turtles being popular in China as they are one of the “Four Fabulous Animals” symbolising endurance, strength and longevity.

We’ve selected some of the top pet names in China – would you name your pet after any of these?

Most Popular Pet Names in China

Dog Names

Pekingese, an ancient dog breed originating from China - The Chairman's Bao

Pekingese, an ancient dog breed originating from China

1. Jūn

This is a great name for your dog as it refers to a king and their truthful qualities.

2. Bǎo

Like the Chinese steamed bun, this is an adorable name for any pup.


Meaning lucky, this is a popular name and can bring good luck to your new friend.

4. Kāi

Kai is for victorious! This is definitely a favourite.

5. Hóng lì 洪莉

This is a name for dogs with great strength.

Cat Names

Snoopybabe, China’s cutest cat - The Chairman's Bao

Snoopybabe, China’s cutest cat

6. Mī mī 咪咪

This is an adorable name for a cat. Repeating sounds are easy to say and are very cute.

7. Xiǎo mī 小咪

This is another popular cat name for those with coloured fur. It’s common to use 小 when naming a cat with coloured fur.

8. Xiǎo hēi 小黑 

Xiaohei is a popular name and has actually recently become even more popular with The Legend of Luoxiaohei, a flash animation about an adorable black cat.

9. Pídàn 皮蛋

Pidan literally means ‘thousand-year-old egg” but it can actually describe a pet who is tenacious, persistent and naughty. This is a great name for a new kitten.

10. Qí qí 琪琪

Like Mimi, this is a lovely name as it’s easy to say and very fitting for a cute cat.

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