Welcome to The Chairman’s Chow

Welcome to The Chairman’s Chow

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In the first of our Chinese cooking blogs, we welcome Mao to explain her quest to teach authentic Chinese cooking to students around the globe:

“Hello, my name is Mao. I live in London and I am a freelance translator, eBay seller and also a video producer.

The videos I make have two themes. The first is Mao’s kitchen, where I show everyone how to cook simple but delicious Chinese food. The other is Mao’s tea party, where I discuss topics such as current news TV shows, movies, history and more.

The reasons I make these videos are: firstly, I have found that Chinese food in UK is quite popular, but not very authentic, so I want to show everybody how a Chinese normal family cooks. Secondly, I believe that China is often misunderstood by a lot non-Chinese so I want to showcase the real China from a young Chinese person’s perspective.

All the videos have English and Chinese subtitles. If you like Chinese food, want to explore Chinese society, and want to learn some Chinese, you are welcome to follow my show. I hope you will enjoy it.

你好,我是小毛。我现在家住伦敦,是一枚自由翻译者,网店卖家, 以及视频制片人。





Here’s Mao’s take on Chinese food-belly pork with teatree mushrooms:

Mao will be making regular posts on The Chairman’s Bao and we very much look forward to her upcoming posts to The Chairman’s Chow!

You can subscribe to Mao’s channel here.

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