Top 10 Noises Animals Make in Chinese

Top 10 Noises Animals Make in Chinese

Learning Mandarin

Animals don’t make the same noises in each language, which is something quirky and interesting to understand when learning a new language. Have you ever wondered what noises animals make in Chinese? The nature of different animal sounds in each language doesn’t actually mean the animals make different sounds, it just means that we ‘translate’ the animal noises in each language into words we can pronounce.

In English, does go ‘woof’, in Spanish ‘guau’ and in French ‘ouaf’. You might be surprised to learn that in Chinese the dog sound ‘woof’ is interpreted as ‘wàng’.

What are some animal noises in Chinese?

  1. Duck

Chinese Simplified: 呱呱 – guā guā

Chinese Traditional: 呱呱 – guā guā

English: quack quack

  1. Chicken

Chinese Simplified: 咯咯 – gēgē

Chinese Traditional: 咯咯 – gēgē

English: cluck cluck

  1. Cow

Chinese Simplified: 哞 – mōu

Chinese Traditional: 哞 – mōu

English: moo

  1. Sheep

Chinese Simplified: 咩 – miē

Chinese Traditional: 咩 – miē

English: baa

  1. Pig

Chinese Simplified: 哼哼 – hēng hēng

Chinese Traditional: 哼哼 – hēng hēng

English: oink oink

  1. Horse

Chinese Simplified: 嘶 – sī

Chinese Traditional: 嘶 – sī

English: neigh

  1. Bird

Chinese Simplified: 叽叽 – jī jī

Chinese Traditional: 嘰嘰 – jī jī

English: tweet tweet

  1. Snake

Chinese Simplified: 咝 – sī

Chinese Traditional: 噝 – sī

English: hiss

  1. Bee

Chinese Simplified: 嗡嗡 – wēng wēng

Chinese Traditional: 嗡嗡 – wēng wēng

English: buzz

  1. Rabbit

Chinese Simplified: 蝈蝈 – guō guō

Chinese Traditional: 蟈蟈 – guō guō

English: ribbit ribbit

What are the animal sounds in your language? We’d love to hear from you on our social media channels!

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