Taking a Flight in China? Essential Chinese Airline Vocabulary

Taking a Flight in China? Essential Chinese Airline Vocabulary

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Summer’s on the horizon. There’s no quicker way to get around China than to fly. And even though English signs and announcements are widely available, it still helps to familiarise yourself with the Chinese vocabulary as flying can be stressful at the best of times.

Study these words ahead of your next holiday or business trip and you’ll be able to eavesdrop or utilise it on your way. Who knows, you might even turn a few heads with your new-found vocabulary!

Jī chăng — 机场 [機場] — Airport

Fēi jī — 飞机 [飛機] — Airplane

Háng bān — 航班 [航班] —Flight

Fēi jī piào — 飞机票 [飛機票] — Flight Ticket

Dēng jì guì tái — 登记柜台 [登記櫃台] — Check-in Counter

Dēng jī pái — 登机牌 [登機牌] — Boarding Pass

Háng bān háo — 航班号 [航班號] — Flight Number

Fēi xíng yuán — 飞行员 [飛行員] — Pilot

Fēi xíng fú wù yuan — 飞行服务员 [飛行服務員] — Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew

Chéng kè — 乘客 [乘客] — Passenger

Dēng jī mén — 登机门 [登機門] — Boarding Gate

Hù zhào — 护照 [護照] — Passport

Suí shēn xíng li — 随身行李 [隨身行李] — Carry-on Bag

Cān zhuō — 餐桌 [餐桌] — Tray Table

Shŏu tí xiāng — 手提箱 [手提箱] — Suitcase

Xíng li — 行李 [行李] — Baggage

Xíng lǐ lǐng qǔ chǔ — 行李领取处 [行李領取處] — Baggage Reclaim Area

Háng zhàn — 航站 [航站] — Airline Terminal

If you’re heading off on a trip to China this summer, don’t forget to share your favourite photos with us on our Instagram and Twitter channels. Happy travels!

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