Meet Newsdle – News to Learn Spanish & French

Meet Newsdle – News to Learn Spanish & French

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Do you also study Spanish and French? The team behind The Chairman’s Bao are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new platform for students of Spanish and French, Newsdle. Newsdle will bring you news-based lessons across website and app, launching on 18th October!

Key Features of Newsdle:

○ 3 brand new news-based lesson each day for Spanish and French (from beginner to advanced levels)
○ Listening and reading comprehension exercises for each lesson, written by qualified teachers
○ In-built features such as live dictionary, keyword lists and graded spoken audio
○ Cross-platform – study across our website and app!

Screenshots of the Platform:

Newsdle platform screenshot

Live dictionary

Flashcard system

Flashcard system

Landing page

Website landing page

Newsdle in-lesson view

Lesson view

We would be delighted to welcome users of The Chairman’s Bao across to our new platform and will be sure to reach out with some special offers in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you could follow our socials and sign up for the Newsdle mailing list that’d be much appreciated!
We are looking forward to sharing the new platform with you all and thank you for your continued support! If you would like to contact us regarding the new platform, please reach out here.
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