New Reading and Listening Quizzes to Study Chinese: Save 25% Now!

New Reading and Listening Quizzes to Study Chinese: Save 25% Now!

TCB’s new reading and listening exercises introduce a variety of new formats inspired by iGCSE and IB past papers. With a total of 11 brand new exercises across study levels, users can test knowledge and scaffold language learning. TCB’s new exercises are now live! Read below to find out more…

New Quiz Offer – Save 25% Now!

What’s more, from now until 3rd July, you can save 25% on 1-year, 2-year, and lifetime memberships and upgrades through the TCB website. Use code quiz25 to save now!

tcb new exercises
New exercises launch offer – save now!

Ready to subscribe or upgrade your plan?

For new subscribers, click here to create your account and view our subscription options. Don’t forget to use code quiz25 at checkout to save.

Already a TCB user? Visit the Account – My Subscription area when logged in to view your upgrade options! Remember to use code quiz25 during the upgrade process to pocket your 25% discount.

What Are TCB’s New Quiz Formats for Reading and Listening Comprehension?

  • Word coupling for Reading and Listening
  • Complete the sentence
  • Correct the sentence (2 formats)
  • Missing phrases
  • Character profiles for Reading and Listening
  • Identify the keyword from clues
  • What you know summary sentences
  • Suitable sentences based on a character or topic
TCB new exercises to study Chinese
TCB new quiz types

How do TCB’s New Quizzes Look?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new quiz formats for TCB across the website and app. Ready to try out the new exercises? Head to our latest lessons to try the full selection!

Correct the Sentence - Website
Correct the Sentence (Website)
What You Know - Website
What You Know (Website)
Missing Phrase - Website
Missing Phrase (Website)
Profiles - Website
Profiles (Website)
Complete the Sentence - App
Complete the Sentence (App – Dark Mode)
Coupling - App
Coupling (App – Dark Mode)
Identify the Keyword - App
Identify the Keyword (App – Dark Mode)
Suitable Sentences - App
Suitable Sentences (App – Dark Mode)

I’m a Teacher… What About TCB Classroom?

In addition, teachers using TCB’s Classroom Platform will now be able to set their own writing questions to mark in the Teacher Dashboard. This includes the option to require students to type answers in English or Chinese for submission to their teacher, or to bring hand-written answers into the classroom. Submitted scores will then be added to the reading and listening exercise scores, providing an overall assignment score for each student.

TCB Classroom new teacher features to teach Chinese
New TCB Classroom features for teachers and students at academic institutions

Tell Us What You Think…

When you try the new quizzes, be sure to share your feedback and let us know what you think! There are numerous ways to get in touch: either via the contact form on our website, within the app itself, on our social media, or in the TCB Facebook discussion group.

We value your feedback, as it helps us to continue to improve and better cater to your needs. We hope you love the new exercise formats and we look forward to bringing new features throughout the year!

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