Negative Comparisons: 不比 and 没有 in Chinese

Negative Comparisons: 不比 and 没有 in Chinese

Making Negative Comparisons is one of the purposes of 不比 and 没有 in Chinese Grammar.

In our last post, we explained how to use 比 to make comparisons. In today’s article, we’ll be showing you how to make negative comparisons instead. Being able to make comparisons and correctly convey information will allow you to expand your comprehension capabilities. We’ve also provided sentence structures and example sentences so you can practice in your own time.

Negative Comparisons with 不比

Bubi is mainly used to express subtle, negative comparisons. Rather than showing that B is worse than A, Bubi is used to show that A is not better than be B. It essentially means “there is no comparison”. An easy way to remember this is to look at the characters individually; Bu negates Bi. The sentence structure for using Bubi is [Noun 1 + 不比 + Noun 2 + Adjective]. Here are some example sentences:

Tā de huǒshí bùbǐ wǒ de qiáng.
His diet is by no means better than mine.

tā bìngbùbĭ nĭ niáncháng
He is no older than you.

tā bù bĭ wŏ gèng zhèngdāng
She has no more right to the throne than I

tā bìngbùbĭ zuótiān hăo
He is no better than he was yesterday.

Negative comparisons with 没有

Most of you learning Chinese will be familiar with Meiyou; It means “not have”. However, another important function of Meiyou is for expressing negative comparisons. It is similar to saying “not as”, which would make it the opposite of Bi. The basic sentence structure is: [Noun 1 + 没有 + Noun 2 + Adjective]. Here are some example sentences:

你 没有 我 高
Nǐ méiyǒu wǒ gāo
You’re not as tall as me.

Tā méiyǒu nǐ nǔlì.
He’s not as hard-working as you.

Wǒ de fángzǐ méiyǒu nǐ de dà.
My house isn’t as big as yours.

Using the examples provided see if you can construct your own sentences! If you have a language partner, see if you can use these sentence structures in your speech. Once you familiarise yourself with these grammatical concepts, you’ll start to notice them all the time.

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