Three Easy Jokes in Chinese

Three Easy Jokes in Chinese

Language learning with a smile is something we should all aspire to and, as everybody knows – laughter is the best medicine! You might be surprised to know that even with a foundation level knowledge of Chinese (as well as a few helpful pointers in English) you can study through simple jokes.

Simple Jokes in Chinese


Q: 谁比较高?A还是C?[誰比較高? A還是C?]

A: C, 因为,A比C低。[C, 因為,A比C低。]

Q: Shuí bǐ jiào gāo?Ahái shì C?

A: C, yīn wéi,A bǐ Cdī。

Q: Which is higher/taller, A or C?

A: C because, A is lower than C.

This joke plays on the fact that ABCD sounds like A 比 C 低 (A bǐ Cdī), or ‘A is lower than C’ in Chinese.

2. Spiderman

Q: 请 问 蜘 蛛 人 是 什 么 颜 色 ?[請 問 蜘 蛛 人 是 什 麼 顏 色 ?]

A: 红 色 ?[紅 色 ?]

R: 错 ! 是 白 色 的 , 因 为 “S-pi-der-man”!  [錯 !是 白 色 的 , 因 為 “S-pi-der-man”!]

Q: Qǐngwèn zhīzhū rén shì shénme yánsè?

A: Hóngsè?

R: Cuò! Shì báisè de, yīnwèi”S-pi-der-man”!

Q: What colour is Spiderman?

A: Red?

R: No! White, because he’s ‘shi-bai-de-man’.

‘Shi bai de’ means ‘is white’ in Chinese.

3. Man and Wife

一个小孩儿问他的爸爸:“爸爸,结婚 需要 花 多少钱?” [一個小孩兒問他的爸爸:“爸爸,結婚 需要 花 多少錢?”]

爸爸说:“儿子,我 不知道。 我 还在付款!” [爸爸說:“兒子,我 不知道。 我 還在付款!”]

Yī gè xiǎo hái ér wèn tā de bà ba: “bà ba, jié hūn xū yào huā duō shǎo qián?”

Érzi, wǒ bù zhīdào. Wǒ hái zài fùkuǎn!

A little kid asks his Father, “Dad, how much does it cost to get married?”

The Father said: “Son, I don’t know. I’m still paying”.

That one needs little explanation!

With telling jokes, practice makes perfect, so be sure to practice these on your language partners next week. Got a simple joke in Chinese that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you on our social media channels!

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