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Who We Are…

The Chairman’s Bao [TCB] is the most comprehensive online Chinese news-based graded reader for students. We are a leading-edge solution provider of language education delivering high-quality reading, learning, and teaching materials through news-based lessons, catering to the needs of individuals and academic institutions alike. Our synchronised multi-platform delivery of materials ensures on-demand mobile access for self-study or to complement in-class lessons. TCB publishes around 1,600 news-based lessons every year – up to six daily – across website, iOS and Android.

Created by Students, for Students

TCB was created by students, for students. In our search for refreshing and innovative educational content, we began writing news articles as a method of learning Chinese. This basic concept transformed into The Chairman’s Bao, where news-based lessons are written by native Chinese speakers in accordance with the latest HSK (National Chinese Proficiency Test) word listings. Each lesson states the targeted HSK level (1-6+), whilst also offering clear grammatical explanations, idiomatic phrases, keywords and graded, spoken audio.

Our aim is to complement the current range of Mandarin educational resources with a fresh approach. For that reason, we developed a stringent seven-point editorial process to ensure the quality of all lessons we produce

We aim to take the chore out of the daily character grind by providing bespoke, bite-sized news-based lessons across a wide range of topics. Our website and mobile apps also play host to a whole host of other features to promote language study: Learning Hub for vocabulary and writing study, Stroke Order Animation and Writing Tool, Live Dictionary, and much more.

Affordable Subscription Plans

TCB is a paid subscription service which offers pricing plans for both individuals and institutions. One sample lesson per HSK level is also always unlocked to unpaid users with all features for trial purposes.

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