The Chairman's Bao
Top Student Grandpa Leads Active Life in Leshan
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Simplified Traditional
学霸 - xuébà - bookworm / top student (slang)
爷爷 - yéye - grandfather (paternal) / respectable term for man of grandfather's age
名字 - míngzi - name (of a person or thing)
骑 - qí - to ride (a horse, bike etc.)
自行车 - zìxíngchē - bicycle / bike
旅行 - lǚxíng - to travel / journey / trip
骑行 - qíxíng - to ride / cycling / horseback riding / motorbike riding
考上 - kǎoshàng - to pass a university entrance exam
大学 - dàxué - university / college
学习 - xuéxí - to learn / to study
叫 - jiào - to shout / to call
Phrase + 的 + Noun - Expressed to link a noun to a preceding phrase with "Phrase + de + Noun"

Place + 有 + Object - Expressing the existence of an object in a certain place with "Place + yǒu + Object" (similar to "there is" or "there are")
中国乐山有一个爷爷,他的名字叫王大康(Wang Dakang),今年85岁。

Measure Word - Expressing the number of sth with an object specific measure word in the form of "Number + Measure Word + Noun" (if the number is one, you can omit it and use the measure word by itself)
中国乐山有一个爷爷,他的名字叫王大康(Wang Dakang),今年85岁。

Noun / Pronoun + 的 + Noun - Expressing a possessive particle with "Noun / Pronoun + de + Noun" (indicate a relationship of possessor / possession)
中国乐山有一个爷爷,他的名字叫王大康(Wang Dakang),今年85岁。

Subject + 叫 + Name - Expressing sb or sth's name with "Subject + jiào + Name"中国乐山有一个爷爷,他的名字叫王大康(Wang Dakang),今年85岁。

Subject + Number + 岁 - Expressing the age of the subject with "Subject + Number + suì"
中国乐山有一个爷爷,他的名字叫王大康(Wang Dakang),今年85岁。

Number + 多 - Expressing a number in excess with "Number + duō"

...的时候 /...时 - Expressing "when…" with " shíhou / ...shí"

在 + Place - Expressing to be located in or at a certain place with "zài + Place"

Noun 1 + 是 + Noun 2 - Expressing that Noun 1 "is" Noun 2 with "Noun 1 + shì + Noun 2" (是 is only used to link two nouns, it cannot be used to link a noun and an adjective)

第 + Number + (Measure Word) - Expressing numerical sequence with "dì + Number + (Measure Word)"

Verb + 上 - Expressing a movement "up or on" with "Verb + shàng"

Verb / Verb Phrase + 了 - Expressing that an action has been completed with "Verb / Verb Phrase + le"

(在)...里 - Expressing "in / inside…" with "(zài)...lǐ"

Noun + 们 - Expressing the plural form of a noun with "Noun + men"

Subject + 都 + Verb / Verb Phrase - Expressing "all / every" to emphasise the quantity with "Subject + 都 + Verb / Verb Phrase" (都 emphasises the large quantity or frequent occurrence)
Proper Nouns
乐山 - Lèshān - Leshan (city in Sichuan Province)

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