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Man Becomes Headmaster of Dog School in Hangzhou
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Simplified Traditional
位 - wèi - measure word for people (honorific)
校长 - xiàozhǎng - headmaster / president (university)
新 - xīn - new
它 - tā - it
主人 - zhǔrén - master / host / owner
觉得 - juéde - to think / to feel
快乐 - kuàilè - happy / merry
送 - sòng - to send / to deliver / to give (as a present)
知道 - zhīdào - to know
希望 - xīwàng - to wish for / to desire / to hope
变得 - biànde - to become
Verb / Verb Phrase + 了 - Expressing that an action has been completed with "Verb / Verb Phrase + le"
王波(Wang Bo)在中国杭州开了一个学校,这个学校里的学生都是狗。

这 / 那 + Measure Word + Noun - Expressing "this… / that…" with "zhè / nà + Measure Word + Noun"
王波(Wang Bo)在中国杭州开了一个学校,这个学校里的学生都是狗。

(在)...里 - Expressing "in / inside…" with "(zài)...lǐ"
王波(Wang Bo)在中国杭州开了一个学校,这个学校里的学生都是狗。

Phrase + 的 + Noun - Expressed to link a noun to a preceding phrase with "Phrase + de + Noun"
王波(Wang Bo)在中国杭州开了一个学校,这个学校里的学生都是狗。

Statement, 但是… - Expressing "but / however…" with "Statement,dànshì…" (a bit more formal than 可是)

Verb + 过 (+ 了) - Expressing that an action has been experienced in the past with "Verb + guò + (+ le)"

Reason ,所以 + Result - Expressing "so…" to explain the result with "Reason ,suǒyǐ + Result"

到 + Place / Time / Quantity - Expressing "to (a certain place) / until (a certain time) / up to (a certain quantity)" with "dào + Place / Time"

Adj. + 的 (+ Noun) - Expressed to link an adjective describing a distinguishing feature to a noun with "Adj. + de (+ Noun)" (noun can be omitted when obvious or has already been mentioned)

这些 / 那些 + Noun - Expressing "these / those…" with "zhèxiē + Noun"

Subject + 可以 + Verb + Object - Expressing that the subject "can / may" perform an action with "Subject + kěyǐ + Verb + Object" (means "may" or "to be allowed to" and can expresses having another person's permission)
Proper Nouns
杭州 - Hángzhōu - Hangzhou (capital of Zhejiang Province)


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