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Gaokao Student Sets Sights on Shanghai University
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Simplified Traditional
高考 - gāokǎo - gaokao (China's university entrance exam)
生 - shēng - student
上 - shàng - to attend (class, school or university)
大学 - dàxué - university / college
考试 - kǎoshì - to take an exam / exam
妈妈 - māma - mother
打电话 - dǎ diànhuà - to make a telephone call
爸爸 - bàba - father
工作 - gōngzuò - to work / work / job
老家 - lǎojiā - native place / place of origin / hometown
Phrase + 的 + Noun - Expressed to link a noun to a preceding phrase with "Phrase + de + Noun"
18岁的高考生 想去上海上大学

Subject + 想 + Verb + Object - Expressing "would like to" with "Subject + xiǎng + Verb + Object"
18岁的高考生 想去上海上大学

Subject + Number + 岁 - Expressing the age of the subject with "Subject + Number + suì"
李星洁(Li Xingjie)今年18岁

Noun 1 + 是 + Noun 2 - Expressing that Noun 1 "is" Noun 2 with "Noun 1 + shì + Noun 2" (是 is only used to link two nouns, it cannot be used to link a noun and an adjective)

Measure Word - Expressing the number of sth with an object specific measure word in the form of "Number + Measure Word + Noun" (if the number is one, you can omit it and use the measure word by itself)

Verb + 完(了) – Expressing that an action is finished or completed with "Verb + wán(le)"

Time or Verb Phrase + (以)后 - Expressing "after" a specific time or action with "Time or Verb Phrase + (yǐ)hòu"

给 + Noun + Verb - Expressing a more informal "for sb / sth..." with "gěi + Noun + Verb"

在 + Place - Expressing to be located in or at a certain place with "zài + Place"

Noun / Pronoun + 的 + Noun - Expressing a possessive particle with "Noun / Pronoun + de + Noun" (indicate a relationship of possessor / possession)
Proper Nouns
上海 - Shànghǎi - Shanghai (city municipality)
安徽 - Ānhuī - Anhui (Province)

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