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90s Girl Loses 22.5kg in Three Months
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90后 - 90hòu - born in the 90s / the 90s
女孩 - nǚhái - girl
月 - yuè - month
减肥 - jiǎnféi - to lose weight
斤 - jīn - jin (unit of weight equal to 500g)
减 - jiǎn - to lower / to decrease / to reduce
朋友 - péngyou - friend
笑 - xiào - smile / laugh
胖 - pàng - fat
高兴 - gāoxìng - happy
跑步 - pǎobù - to run / to jog
Measure Word - Expressing the number of sth with an object specific measure word in the form of "Number + Measure Word + Noun" (if the number is one, you can omit it and use the measure word by itself)

(在)...里 - Expressing "in / inside…" with "(zài)...lǐ"

Verb / Verb Phrase + 了 - Expressing that an action has been completed with "Verb / Verb Phrase + le"

两 (+ Measure Word) - Expressing the number "two" when specifying quantities with "liǎng (+ Measure Word)"

Time or Verb Phrase + (以)前 - Expressing "before" a specific time or action with "Time or Verb Phrase +(yǐ)qián"

Noun + 们 - Expressing the plural form of a noun with "Noun + men"

太 + Adj. (+ 了) - Expressing "too" to indicate excess with "tài + Adj. (+ le)" (negative formed with 不太 + Adj.)

Noun / Pronoun + 很 + Adj. - Expressing "very" or to link a noun or pronoun and an adjective with "Noun / Pronoun + hěn + Adj." (sometimes the 很 is translated as "very" but often it is a link between a noun and an adjective)

每 + 天 / 周 / 年 / 次 - Expressing "every day / every week / every year / every time" with "měi + Time Word" (天, 周, 年 and 次 act as their own measure words)

Hour X + 点 - Expressing "X o'clock" with "Hour X + diǎn"

Result,因为 + Reason - Expressing "because…" to explain the reason with "Result,yīnwèi + Reason"
Proper Nouns


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