The Chairman's Bao
34-year-old Shanxi Farmer Builds Small Airplane
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Simplified Traditional
农民 - nóngmín - farmer
架 - jià - measure word for planes, helicopters, large vehicles, radios, pianos etc.
上 - shàng - to attend (class, school or university)
课 - kè - class / lesson
希望 - xīwàng - to wish for / to desire / to hope
妻子 - qīzi - wife
老家 - lǎojiā - native place / place of origin / hometown
开始 - kāishǐ - to start / to begin / start / beginning
花 - huā - to spend (money, time)
元 - Yuán - Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Phrase + 的 + Noun - Expressed to link a noun to a preceding phrase with "Phrase + de + Noun"
中国山西的侯占虎(Hou Zhanhu)今年34岁,是一个农民。

Verb / Verb Phrase + 了 - Expressing that an action has been completed with "Verb / Verb Phrase + le"

...的时候 /...时 - Expressing "when…" with " shíhou / ...shíhou"

还 + Verb / Verb Phrase - Expressing "still / and so / also / in addition…" with "hái + Verb" (used when one subject is doing two different things)

Result,因为 + Reason - Expressing "because…" to explain the reason with "Result,yīnwèi + Reason"

Subject + 可以 + Verb + Object - Expressing that the subject "can / may" perform an action with "Subject + kěyǐ + Verb + Object" (means "may" or "to be allowed to" and can expresses having another person's permission)

Verb + 到 (+了) - Expressed after verbs to indicate completion or success of an action with "Verb + dào (+了)"

Subject + 跟 / 和 + sb / sth + 一起 + Verb - Expressing a subject is doing an action "with" sb or sth "together" with "Subject + gēn / hé + Person + yīqǐ + Verb"

Number + 万 - Expressing sets of ten thousand with "Number + wàn"

Verb + 好 - Expressing completion of an action with "Verb + hǎo"
Proper Nouns
山西 - Shānxī - Shanxi (Province)


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