Top Tips for Learning Mandarin

Top Tips for Learning Mandarin

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Learning a new language can be difficult, especially when it’s so different to your mother tongue! Mandarin has become an extremely popular language to learn as a result of globalisation and the rise of the Chinese economy. However, Mandarin is no easy language to master, so here are some top tips to help you learn!

1. Watch Chinese TV shows

Watching TV in the language that you’re learning is indispensable! Watching TV shows allows you to see the right way to use sentences and can also teach you phrases that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom. It’s also a good way to incorporate your learning into your daily routine, and not just relying on classes a few hours a week! Not sure what to watch? Click here for some suggestions. 

2. Practice with a friend

Mandarin is a tonal language, with 5 different tones. Tones are an imperative part of the language so need to be practiced thoroughly so people can understand you! Practicing with a friend is one of the best ways to do this, especially a friend who’s first language is Mandarin.

3. Listen to Chinese songs

Listening to popular Chinese music can really help you learn. It’s also a good way to learn subconsciously whilst on the move.  It also provides you with a topic of conversation to discuss with your Chinese friends at social events!

4. Read aloud

What really helps me when learning a new language is reading aloud instead of in my head. It allows you to really practice pronunciation which is really important when learning Mandarin. It’s also great to read a variety of different things, including the news, simple books and even just reading the menu out loud at restaurants!

5. Go to China!

The best thing you can do is visit China. There are so many different reasons to go to China, such as simply going on holiday, traveling around, teaching English or doing an internship! Immersing yourself in Chinese language and culture is what will really improve your Mandarin and will challenge your language skills, making you improve to an even higher level!

Want to know more about learning Chinese? Click here to learn more about different Chinese slang!

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