The Top Ten Chinese Idioms of 2017, as Chosen from Our Lessons

The Top Ten Chinese Idioms of 2017, as Chosen from Our Lessons

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We hope that you’ve all had a wonderful start to the Year of the Dog. It’s a time of the year to usher out the old and greet the new, or as people in China say, cíjiùyíngxīn – 辞旧迎新 [辭舊迎新]. Idioms play a huge part in learning the wonderfully descriptive Chinese language and can give a rich insight into Chinese culture. We’ve trawled through all the idioms in our lessons from 2017 – all 1,600 of them – and selected our top eight.

Let’s start with some eye-themed idioms:


When we strive for fluency in Chinese:


What it’s actually like to learn Chinese:


And ahead of that dreaded HSK exam…


But when you realise TCB’s got your back…


Post-HSK exam result celebratory shopping:


That completes our round-up of TCB’s top Chinese idioms of 2017. If you have a favourite idiom from one of our lessons, we’d love to hear from you on our social media channels.

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