HSK-graded News-based Lessons

Thousands of HSK-graded news-based lessons meticulously created each year by our highly-experienced writing and editing team, all under a stringent seven-point editorial process. At TCB, quality is key!

TCB Platform Synchronisation

The TCB platform fully synchronises across all devices; Website, iOS and Android. This includes user data, bookmarks, personal Learning Hub and Word Bank.


Bookmark articles to read or refer back to at a later date.

Interactive Live Dictionary

Don’t know a word? Use the Live Dictionary – which comes complete with audio and scrolls as you study – to save words to your personal Word Bank. View stroke order animation and even practice writing characters in the correct order, all from within the Live Dictionary!

Spoken Audio for Every Article

Each lesson comes complete with native audio spoken with a variety of Chinese accents, at a speed in-line with the targeted HSK level.

Simplified & Traditional

Easily switch between simplified and traditional characters.

Grammatical Explanations

Unlike any other news-based graded reader, TCB offers a complete HSK level-targeted list of grammatical explanations for each lesson. Grammar is made fun and relevant with contextualised examples in the most comprehensive grammar list of any online Chinese learning resource.

Keywords & Idioms

TCB carefully selects keywords and idioms for each article, in accordance with the targeted HSK level. Users also have the ability to save keywords and idioms to their personal Word Bank.

Personal Word Bank

Save unknown words to your personal Word Bank. View words, add notes and view the original sentence the news-based lesson the word originated from.

Word Pronunciation

Forgotten how to pronounce a saved word?
All saved words can be said aloud as a reminder an to improve pronunciation.

Word Groups & Exportation

Users can create word groups, view pre-existing HSK-levelled word groups and export to other major Mandarin learning platforms via the website.

Flashcard Tests

After creating or viewing pre-existing word groups, test using our intelligent flashcard system. As words are tested, they are automatically grouped in accordance with how well they are known. This means users are tested more frequently on words they know less.

Android App Downloads

Older Android Versions

Download the Legacy version for Android Version 5.0 and Below: Version 1.0.48

Why are there different versions?

In order to progress the mobile apps, we add in new features, update app security and modernise the way in which we develop the app as a whole, this can lead to older versions of Google’s Android Operating system being made obsolete. We will always try to stay in line with the current supported versions of Android. Legacy app versions will not be supported by TCB and will eventually be retired.

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