Photography of China – Marine Cabos

Photography of China – Marine Cabos

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Meet Marine, the newest and valued member of the TCB blogging team but with a twist! She is an art historian and all about China! We hope you enjoy! 🙂 Below is an article introducing the work of the female photographer Xiaoxiao Xu (Image credits: @Xiaoxiao xu)

In early 2015, the photographer Xiaoxiao Xu (born in Wenzhou, China, in 1984) travelled across her motherland China to witness a revolution that is as unbelievable as it is invigorating: all over the country, in the most unexpected places, farmers are striving to build their own aircraft. During this adventurous journey, she resided in eight different villages spread out over three major provinces, meeting and interviewing eight of these self-taught aeronauts. “For them, the game is not about how far or high they can fly, it’s about pushing their boundaries in order to achieve the impossible. They call it real-life science-fiction,” she says. Xu offers poignant visual narratives about the dream of flying.

Xu moved from China to The Netherlands in 1999 when she was a teenager. In 2009 she graduated from the Photo Academy of Amsterdam, where she still lives today. After graduation she won The Photo Award and held her first solo show in FotoMuseum Antwerpen (Belgium). She was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass for several times and she participated in exhibitions all over the world. Her book about the series “Aeronautics in the Backyards” was published by The Eriskay Connection, and includes many original aircraft drawings and technical document created by the farmers.

A little bit about the lady the behind this work;

Marine Cabos

Marine Cabos

About Marine

Marine Cabos is an art historian specialised in the arts of China, with a particular interest in photography. She received her PhD in History of Art from SOAS, which explored early landscape photography in China (1840s-1930s). She has lectured at SOAS, Christie’s Education, the EHESS, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, and has worked in diverse cultural institutions in Shanghai, Paris, and London. She runs the website “Photography of China” (, which introduces a range of historical and contemporary photographers who are working or have worked in China. If you want to send your portfolio, to share old family albums, or if you have questions, suggestions, or other queries, please feel free to contact her or see other works at Photography of China.

If you want to send your portfolio, to share old family albums, or if you have questions, suggestions, or other queries, please feel free to contact me or see my other work at Photography of china.

Team TCB – Marine Cabos


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