Meet the Team

Tom Reid 芮智凯, Co-Founder & COO

Tom Reid 芮智凯

Co-Founder and Operations Director

Sean McGibney 马伟, Co-Founder & CMO

Sean McGibney 马伟

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Wee Ling Soh 苏炜凌, Editor

Wee Ling Soh 苏炜凌


Wee Ling was born in Singapore and took her first train (to Kuala Lumpur) when she was barely a few months old. While in university, her first trip to China sparked off a decision to move to Beijing even if she eventually ended up in Shanghai and Hong Kong where she found herself in the not-so-glamorous world of tax consulting, acquisition deals and SOE clients. In Shanghai, she developed an interest in East Asian affairs as well as an insatiable appetite for chuanr and malatang. Bilingual in English and Mandarin, she has launched a Shanghai city guide, spent two years as a business news editor and written and photographed for various publications. She currently lives in Paris with her spouse and secretly plots to return to Asia on the Trans-Siberian one day.


Tracy, Writer



Tracy graduated from a renowned Chinese university with a Master’s degree and her major is teaching Chinese to foreigners as second language. She has done worked in this industry for more than four years and she can speak fluent English. At present, she is working in an International Educational Institution. Her teaching method is flexible and teaching style is active. She always encourages students to speak more as a means to improve and grow in confidence. She is good at introducing new words and grammar points with simple and lucid explanations. She enjoys her job and her students are fond of her. As part of her curriculum, Tracy also organises some cultural activities to help students better understand Chinese culture. She is easy-going, likes dancing, reading and yoga.

Tracy,硕士研究生,2014毕业于一所知名大学的汉语国际教育专业。英语流利。从事对外汉语事业四年多,现在在一家美国留学教育机构的中文项目工作,教学方法灵活多样,教学风格活泼,鼓励学生开口说。擅长用简单易懂的语言解释生词语言点。教学效果很好,教学深受学生们喜爱。除了语言教学以外,还组织一些文化活动,帮助学生更了解中国文化。她性格活泼,开朗。喜欢跳舞, 阅读, 做瑜伽等等。

Helen, Writer



Helen is a senior Chinese teacher and TCSL test trainer. She graduated with a Master’s degree in teaching Chinese to foreign students. Helen speaks fluent English and a little Korean. She enjoys playing traditional Chinese instruments and the piano as well as Chinese classical dance. She also likes to compose in her spare time. Helen has been teaching Chinese for more than 3 years and has over 100 students from more than 20 countries. Her perfect Chinese pronunciation plus fun and efficient classes are attracting more and more students every day. She has done a huge amount of research on the HSK test system and up until now, all of her students have passed. Helen’s achievements include publishing an academic paper in 2012, writing the lyrics of a theme song for a TV drama and lines for a national concert in 2011. Helen is described as being very kind, friendly and humorous. She also has a strong sense of confidence and responsibility.


Elena, Writer



Elena obtained her TCSOL Master Degree in Beijing. With more than 3 years of experience, she is now working as a University Chinese Teacher in Shanghai. Her classes consist of not only foreign students, but also business men and women from Fortune 500 companies. In her spare time, Elena has a part-time job in a Global Educational Counseling Center. With her guidance, foreign students have the chance to enter the leading universities from across China.Besides English, Elena can also speak Korean at a TOPIK level 2. She enjoys traveling and has traveled throughout Asia including Japan, a diving trip in the Philippines and a reality TV cruise in Korea.

Elena 在北京学习并取得了TCSOL硕士学位,目前她在上海一所大学做汉语教师。她有3年多的汉语教学经验,她的学生来自世界各地,他们不仅有学生,还有世界500强的商务人士。Elena 的业余工作是留学生教育咨询,在她的帮助下,留学生都有机会进入中国的一流大学学习。除了英语之外,Elena还会说韩语(TOPIK2级)。她喜欢旅游,曾在菲律宾的海岛上潜过水,也参加过中国一档电视台的真人秀活动,乘坐游轮去日本和韩国旅游。

Mao 毛惠姮, Video Blog Contributor

Mao 毛惠姮

Video Blog Contributor

Mao lives in London and is a freelance translator, eBay seller and video producer. The videos she makes have two themes: Mao’s Kitchen, where she shows you how to cook delicious Chinese food; and Mao’s Tea Party, where she talks about current news, TV shows, movies, history and all things related to China! She makes videos firstly because she believes that Chinese food in UK is popular, but not truly authentic. Therefore, she wants to show you how a normal family cooks. Secondly, she finds that China is often misunderstood by people outside of China, so she wants to show the true China from a young person’s perspective. All of her videos have English and Chinese subtitles. So, if you like Chinese food, want to explore Chinese society and want to learn Chinese, follow her show! We hope you like it!

毛惠姮现在家住伦敦,是一枚自由翻译者,网店卖家, 以及视频制片人。毛惠姮的视频有两个主题。一个主题是毛惠姮的厨房,主要是向大家展示如何做美味可口又简单的中国菜。另一个是毛惠姮的茶话会,她会说说任何关于中国的话题,比如中国最近的新闻,电视剧,电影,历史等等。毛惠姮做这些视频的初衷有两点。其一,她发现中国食物在英国挺受欢迎的,但是这些中国菜都不怎么正宗,所以她希望可以向大家展示中国普通家庭做些什么菜。其二,中国被非中国人误解挺多的,所以她想从年轻一代中国人的视角,聊聊中国那些事儿。所有的视频都有中英文字幕。如果你喜欢中国食物,想探究中国社会,甚至想学习中文,欢迎观看毛惠姮的节目,希望你能喜欢。

Sunnie, Writer



Sunnie is a professional Chinese Teacher who also takes on Life Education classes for children. She started to learn Chinese Education in 2006 in order to teach the language to foreigners. She has obtained Master’s Degree in Chinese Education and also holds a certificate for teaching Chinese in the High Schools. Sunnie had been trained to be an international Chinese teacher by HANBAN and has previously been sent to the Philippines as a volunteer teacher for one year. She started to teach Chinese in 2009 and has taught almost 200 students from more than 10 countries, such as Japan, Korean, Russia, US, UK, Canada and Australia. Sunnie was born in the Northern China and has good pronunciation of the language. When she is teaching, she is both careful and patient and has a strong sense of responsibility. She likes coloring, reading and traveling.


Lucky, Writer



Lucky is from the beautiful Sichuan province – the land of abundance. She graduated with a Major in Business English. She is optimistic, cheerful and very much enjoys food and traveling. She loves her life.Currently she is working in international trade and has therefore made a lot of friends from all over the world. She also has been working as a Chinese language teacher for foreigners on a part-time basis. She is patient and responsible and with her lively and interesting classes, she is very popular with her students.

Lucky 来自美丽的天府之国-四川,毕业于商务英语专业。她性格乐观、开朗,喜欢美食、旅行,热爱生活。她现在从事国际贸易方面的工作,也因此结交了很多来自世界各地的朋友。曾经有过兼职对外汉语教学经验,因为她耐心、负责,上课时生动有趣,所以很受学生们欢迎。

Grace, Writer



Grace has been teaching Chinese in Beijing since 2011, teaching levels from complete beginners to advance. In addition to that, she has successfully helped student prepare for Chinese tests such as AP Chinese and HSK. She customizes her training, adjusting to the students’ specific requests and interest and introduces Chinese culture topics to complete her classes. She also takes students on field trips to practice what they have learned during class. Her goal is for her students to be independent, to lose the fear of the unknown and to enjoy to the fullest their life in China. Helping students achieving their goals is her passion.


Mandy, Writer



Mandy has been a teacher with 5 years experience and so knows the requirements of language proficiency of all levels of Chinese. When she visited the TCB website for the first time, her first thought was that the website provides an excellent way to learn Chinese through reading the news. She believes it not only helps readers improve their Chinese but also provides access for international students to current affairs in China. She hopes she can help more students understand both the language and China by writing the news to a range of levels.


Ricky, Writer



Ricky has been a full-time Chinese teacher for 4 years. She can teach all levels but specialses in beginners and business. In her classes, students receive customised courses with material chosen depending on their requirements. Ricky handpicks her material from a range of books, magazines, newspapers, music and videos. She is patient with her students and tries to create classes with a humorous atmosphere. She also started teaching a wider range of students online in 2013. In her free time Ricky likes listening to rock music, watching movies and cooking. She also likes to communicate with her students on a range of topics to help them better understand China.


Julia, Writer



It has been more than ten years since Julia entered the education sector. She has worked in Shanghai secondary schools, international schools, universities and other educational institutions to teach Chinese for Chinese and foreigner students. During this time she also spent two years teaching in Korea. Julia has not only accumulated rich experience in language teaching but is also familiar with different cultures. Although she is a ‘Teacher’, Julia often thinks of herself as a student. In her own time, studying her interests brings out the best in her. She also loves reading, cooking and sewing.

Julia进入教育行业已经十年多了,先后在上海的中学、国际学校、大学、教育机构教中国学生、外国人汉语,期间也去韩国工作了两年,从中不仅积累了丰富的语言教学经验,而且接触了世界各国的人和不同的文化。虽然到哪儿都被称为“ 老师”,但其实她最喜欢当一个学生。有自己的时间,学习自己想学的东西是多美好的事啊。平时她还喜欢阅读、 烹饪、女红。

Ecco, Writer



Ecco is a post-90s girl. Like most of her peers, Ecco likes traveling, photography and loves fine dining. When she has time, she also enjoys painting and playing musical instruments. Among all her interests, her favorite pastime is learning languages. Ecco holds a Major in English, as well as having taken optional courses in German and Korean during her time at college. In her opinion, learning languages provides an insight into other cultures, from which she believes there are a great deal of benefits. Ecco has a strong passion for introducing Chinese culture abroad. During her stay in America, she made some friends who were quite interested in Chinese culture. This gave her the chance to fulfill her dream of teaching Mandarin and Chinese characters to foreigners. She truly loved this experience as it made her feel like a real cultural envoy.


Ian, Writer



Ian graduated from a well-known university in China with a Master’s degree in Chinese language and literature. He speaks fluent English. He is now working as a Chinese instructor for the Shanghai Study center of one of the biggest Study abroad organisations in the US. Ian has been teaching Chinese for more than 3 years and has over 50 students from different American universities, thereby allowing him to be familiar with the requirements of language proficiency across all levels of Chinese. Ian is able to clearly explain complex concepts and ideas and then tailor instructions to individual backgrounds and specific learning needs. He also creates a positive Chinese language learning environment. He receives great feedback from his students every term. Ian is described as being very kind, friendly and humorous and he also has a strong sense of confidence and responsibility.

Ian 毕业于一所知名高校,拥有汉语言文学专业的硕士学位,英语流利,现任职于一个美国最大留学教育组织位于上海的学习中心。Ian从事对外汉语工作三年以来,已有50多位学生,大部分来自于美国知名高校,因此他非常了解各水平学生的需求和特点。Ian能清楚地讲解词汇和语言点,也能根据学生不同的背景及特点“因材施教”,同时也擅长创造积极的语言环境让学生学习。每个学期,他都能得到学生非常好的反馈和评估。他善良、友好、幽默,有强烈的自信心和责任感,深受学生们的喜爱。

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