Legends Series: A New Way to Learn Chinese

Legends Series: A New Way to Learn Chinese

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Here at The Chairman’s Bao, we take your language learning seriously. This means we’re always looking at ways to improve our Website and App and ensure you have the best available tools to learn Chinese. We recently introduced some new features to give you a truly immersive learning experience. If you’re curious about the new updates, or want an explainer before you dive in, then this is the article for you! Today we’ll be talking specifically about our new “Legends” Series.

What is Legends?

Well, Legends is a new way for you to study Chinese Language and Culture. It follows a similar format to our graded articles, so we’re not throwing you into the deep end. However, unlike our articles, the focus of Legends is especially Chinese Folklore and Chinese Historical Figures. Sometimes the beauty in learning a language is also learning about its culture. So, we thought why not bring that beauty – and wisdom – to you!

How does Legends work?

Firstly, watch our video which explores the user interface. You are provided with a selection of content split between Folk Tales and Historical Figures. You could simply read the stories. However, for a more enriching experience, you can follow the narrative via audio narration. Furthermore, at the bottom of each story you have a useful bank which contains all vital vocabulary. In addition to this, you will be provided with comprehensive grammar explanations. Lastly, and most importantly,  you can test yourself using listening and reading comprehension exercises to track your progression.

How do Chinese Legends improve my Chinese?

One of the best ways to improve your language fluency is through topical learning. Learning a language through different themes and topics allows you for a more enriched learning experience. So in a nutshell, Chinese Legends help improve your Chinese because the content is geared to helping you understand Chinese history and culture. However, by far the most important aspect of Legends is the option to test yourself. The listening and comprehension tests ensure that your Chinese language development is well-rounded. We often find that when people start learning Chinese they have disparities between core skills. For instance, their reading comprehension might be ace, whilst their listening is abysmal.

What exercises are included in Legends?

So, we’ve already said that Legends includes testing functionality. But, you’re probably wondering what specifically those tests are. We’ve made the exercises as diverse as possible so that you get a varied testing experience. The exercises range from True or False to Sentence Order. Furthermore, don’t think you can shy away from learning the vocabulary because you can be tested on Keywords too.

What Chinese Legends will I learn about?

The beauty of the legends series is that there will be no shortage of source material!  If you don’t believe us just have a look at what we have so far.  You could learn about the creation of the Chinese Zodiac or maybe the tale of  Madame White Snake.

We’ve upgraded our Website and App, so what’s stopping you from upgrading your Chinese?

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