How to Make Chinese Style Puff Pastry Pancake

How to Make Chinese Style Puff Pastry Pancake

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Mao is back! After a busy Christmas period we have finally managed to convince her to return to doing what she does best – teaching us how to make delicious and simple Chinese food! Today’s recipe is for a classic dessert, Chinese style puff pastry pancake stuffed with pork, mushroom and Chinese cabbage – yum! Ingredients:

Stuffing: 3 mushrooms, 3 Chinese cabbage leaves, and 300g pork

Soft dough: 200g plain flour, 100ml water, 50g lard, 20g caster sugar

Pastry: 150g flour, 75g lard

We’ll see more from Mao soon, in the meantime why not take her culinary tour of China?

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The Chairman's Bao

The Chairman's Bao