Fun Ways to Improve Mandarin Language Skills

Fun Ways to Improve Mandarin Language Skills

Learning Mandarin

Learning Mandarin language can be hard work, but learning Mandarin can also be fun work. There are many fun ways to improve your Mandarin language skills and they don’t involve old textbooks or copying characters over and over. Here is our list of fun ways to improve your Mandarin language skills:

Mandarin Language TV & Film

Mandarin Language TV and Film is an immersive and fun way to improve your Mandarin Language Skills. Whilst watching epic series’ or blockbuster films you can improve your Mandarin listening skills. Also, most Mandarin TV and Film come with subtitles written in Mandarin characters. This is very useful for improving your reading and comprehension. Furthermore, there is a variety of genres to choose from so you’ll never be bored. A great start is our post on the best Mandarin Language shows on Netflix right now.

TIP: Watch one episode with subtitles and then watch it again without subtitles to test your Mandarin comprehension skills.

Mandarin Language Music

Mandarin Language Music is another immersive and fun way to improve your language skills. Unlike watching TV and Film, listening to Music is useful for those with a shorter attention span. Also, listening to Mandarin music is great for busy people that are constantly on the go. Listening to music in Mandarin will improve your listening skills and also expand your vocabulary. Also, songs are short so it’s easy to memorise and learn. Some great fun music to listen to is by boy band Nine Percent and singer Jolin Tsai.

TIP: Make a Mandarin music playlist that can you can listen to when you’re studying, travelling or even working out at the gym. For those that also want to improve their reading and comprehension, printing off lyrics and translating them is a fun way to test yourself.

Mandarin Language Books

If you want to improve your Mandarin reading and comprehension skills, reading Mandarin books is a fun way to do so. Unlike watching TV and Film, reading books will expose you to the language over a longer period. Mandarin books are also great because you can pick your favourite genres and topics. You can take a break from your textbooks and read something that interests you. If you’ve just started your language journey, reading children’s books is a good place to start as they are shorter.

TOP TIP: Find the Mandarin version of your favourite novel; using a book you’re already familiar with will make the reading process easier. One of the most popular translated series is Harry Potter!

Mandarin Language with The Chairman’s Bao

Lastly, Apps are a fun way to improve your language skills. We are always on our phones so having a language learning app is a fun and accessible way to improve your skills. If you want to improve your listening, comprehension and expand your vocabulary we recommend our app. Our graded reader is great for people of all abilities on their Mandarin language journey and has a variety of topics to suit your interests!

TOP TIP: Sign up and Download it here or here.

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