Unusual Everyday Sights in China

Unusual Everyday Sights in China

There are some sights that many Westerners would consider to be unusual but are everyday sights in China. If you are spending time in metropolitan cities, you will certainly encounter some very unusual sights! These may surprise you but are iconic and quintessential to everyday life in China. Whilst some of these you may find elsewhere in the world, some unusual everyday sights in China are unmistakably common.

Strange Public Exercise Equipment

Most parks and public spaces in China are equipped with some very unusual outdoor exercise equipment. Some exercise equipment looks incredibly difficult to operate, let alone to complete a workout on! They are typically brightly coloured and look like out of shape scaffolding, but are fun for all ages and most commonly used by senior citizens. Visit any local park and be amazed at the unusual looking equipment.

Choreographed Dance Groups in Parks

Public, choreographed dance groups in China are both a form of exercise and an increasingly popular way to socialize. If you go down to most public parks and follow the sounds of beating music, you will be greeted with quite the unusual sight! There will be a group of twenty people dancing with synchronized enthusiasm, or on the side chatting away to groups of friends.

Subway Markets

Subway markets are underground, in every sense of the word! Not only are they located in subway tunnels, they also often sell some counterfeit goods. Next time you want a slightly off version of designer clothing, head down to one of the underground markets! Begin bartering your way to a designer lifestyle!

Recycling Carts

Recycling carts not only transport recycled goods from the streets to a processing centre, but also an entire industry on their backs! The recycling collectors are paid by weight for cardboard, household scraps and plastic bottles. You will therefore see the unusual sight of the carts carrying precarious loads as they go in and out of busy traffic!

Have you visited China and seen any unusual everyday sights that we may have missed? Be sure to share them with us by commenting on our Social Media accounts! If you are planning your next visit and need some help deciding where, here are our Top 4 Chinese cities to visit.

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