Top Careers with Chinese Language

Top Careers with Chinese Language

Interested in Careers with Chinese Language?

If you’re a student of Mandarin, you’re probably curious: what amazing things can you do with Chinese? Here are some examples besides being a translator, teacher or interpreter, that may excite you and bring your language skills to the workplace!

Careers with Chinese: Journalism

Being a Foreign Correspondent means that you provide news from a specific country or region.  A Foreign Correspondent will typically live in the area that they are reporting on, so that they can provide first-hand accounts. Knowledge of Chinese is useful for becoming a journalist that specialises in China and/or East Asia. Furthermore, your Chinese skills mean that you have access to a wider pool of resources.

Careers with Chinese: Sales

More and more companies are trying to enter the Chinese market. This means Chinese speaking sales assistants and managers are highly sought after. A career that combines sales with your Chinese language skills can be wide-ranging. You could be designing a sales strategy to builds a customer base in China. Or you could be on the ground finding new Chinese clients for a business.

Careers with Chinese: Marketing and PR

As we mentioned before, many businesses are now trying to enter the Chinese market. However, in order to do this successfully they need to grow and maintain a positive presence amongst Chinese consumers. Using your Chinese skills, you could be producing content for Chinese social media or even writing press releases in Chinese.

Careers with Chinese: Customer Services

As China gets richer, so does its middle class. There is growing demand amongst China’s middle class to own luxury products.  Owning and purchasing luxury items isn’t just for fashion, it’s a symbol of success.  Because of this, it’s not uncommon to see luxury stores with their own Mandarin Speakers especially for the purpose of aiding Chinese shoppers.

Careers with Chinese: Tourism and Hospitality

Chinese people are travelling outside of China more and more, with Chinese tourists now accounting for a majority of visitors to major hotspots around the world. Many places now need to accommodate Chinese travellers. One of the most common ways of doing this is employing Mandarin-speaking tour guides and concierge. Many people are also setting up travel consultancies for Chinese tourists.

Industries to Watch

One of the growing sectors to watch is property development. Chinese investors have been one of the reasons for surges in property enquiries in major cities around the world. The need for Chinese speaking lawyers specializing in property has also increased because of this. As well as Chinese speaking immigration lawyers to aid with visa requests.

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