Easy Slang for Speaking Chinese

Easy Slang for Speaking Chinese

Learning slang is often overlooked during formal language learning. However, slang, when used appropriately, is a great way to naturalize your speaking abilities. You don’t always have to sound like a textbook character. If you find that your Chinese is sounding a little too formal, why not add slang to the mix? Use of slang isn’t just for “young people”. Language is always evolving; people always find witty ways to express themselves. Incorporating some of the following phrases into your speech will surely your give your Chinese a boost.

Easy Slang For Referring To People

哥们 – gē men is similar to saying bro, dude or guys – this is a really good way to express friendship.

Gēmen gēmen gēmen, zhège yóuxì tài kùle!
Guys, guys, guys, this is game is so cool!

阿猫阿狗 – ā māo ā gǒu basically means anyone and everyone, your average guys or more accurately “every Tom, Dick and Harry”

Ā māo ā gǒu měi gèrén dōu xǐhuān zhè bù diànyǐng, dàn zhè bìng bù tèbié
Everyone loves this film, but it’s nothing special.

菜鸟 – càiniǎo hilariously translates to “vegetable bird” but it just means that someone is a rookie.

Wŏ kĕshì zhèlĭ zhēnzhèng de càiniăo
I am a real newbie here.

Easy Slang For Expressing Thoughts Or Emotions

酷 – kù sounds exactly like what it means; cool

Tā zhēn de shì yígè hěn kù de niánqīngrén.
He really is a cool cat.

不感冒- bù gǎnmào means that you can’t stand something or that you’re not interested. Funnily enough, 感冒 means the common cold.

虽然听起来很酷 我的家人知道后却对此不大感冒
Suīrán tīng qĭlái hĕnkù wŏ de jiārén zhīdào hòu què duìcĭ bùdà gănmào
Now as cool as that sounds, my family was not that thrilled about it.

吃醋 – chīcù is a relatable one. It means to eat vinegar i.e. be jealous.

Wǒde nǚyǒu hàochīcù.
My girlfriend gets jealous easily.

拖拖拉拉 – tuōtuōlālā is a fun one to pronounce. It means to procrastinate or drag something out.

Huòzhĕ nĭ jiùshì gè tuōtuōlālā de rén
Or are you just a procrastinator?

Hopefully, our list isn’t outdated by the time you read it! Try incorporating this into your speech next time you speak you Chinese. This article was inspired by a question we received. So, if you have any Chinese language questions make sure to find us on Quora. Remember, another way to keep your Chinese current is by making sure the content you consume is current! So be sure to read all the latest Chinese news articles on The Chairman’s Bao.

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