Five of the Hottest Songs in China Right Now – Edition II

Five of the Hottest Songs in China Right Now – Edition II

Back in February we brought you out list of our favourite songs in China at the time. We recently had a request to update the list, so here goes! My personal favourite is the first one.

1) 好久不见 – 楊永聰
Long Time No See – James Morris-Cotterill

We first turn our attentions to James Morris-Cotterill, a London-born singer with a British father and a mother from Hong Kong. To be absolutely truthful, I hadn’t heard this song before today but now I can’t stop playing it! James took part in ‘Chinese Idol’ in 2013 and found fame after quitting his job at an insurance firm in the UK to pursue his musical career in Taiwan. This song was originally recorded by Eason Chan in 2007. Tissues at the ready!v

Here I am in your hometown,
I walk the streets you once walked.
Imagining the way you feel,
The loneliness without me.

Holding the photo you gave me,
That street we both know so well.
It’s just this time you’re not here with me,
We can’t go back to that time.

Maybe you’ll suddenly show up here,
In the cafe down the road.
I’ll smile at you and wave,
We’ll just say hey,
Sit and talk the day away.

How I long to see you again,
And see the ways in which you’ve changed.
No talking about old days, we’ll just say hey.
I’ll say one thing, just one little thing,
Long time no see.

2) 倍儿爽 – 大张伟
Feel Cool – Da Zhangwang

Next, in what appears to be China’s answer to Gangnam style, we have the upbeat ‘Feel Cool’ (we needed something to bring you back up after the last song). Clear a bit of space, because you’re about to start shifting some serious shapes.

3) 时间都去哪儿了 –王铮亮
Where Has the Time Gone – Wang Zhenliang

This song was the most popular song in China in 2014 and the phrase ‘时间都去哪儿了 – where has the time gone’ began to appear everywhere – even Xi Jinping got in on the action! China’s President quoted the song when describing to a Russian broadcaster how busy he was when he first took office.

4) 紅豆 -方大同
Red Bean – Khalil Fong

Now for a couple of timeless classics. Khalil released his album of covers in 2009, on which this infamous song appeared. The original song was written by Faye Wang (who appears below!).

5) 我愿意 – 王菲
I’m Willing – Faye Wong

This song was a runaway hit in the 90s, but has since been covered by a variety of artists, such as Sammi Cheng and Gigi Leung. I think we’ll stick with the original for this one, though!

If you didn’t catch the first edition of this blog, you can find it here. Feel free to send us any suggestions and we’ll happily add them on – is there any particular song that has helped you learn Chinese?

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