Double 11 2021 – On Your Marks, Get Set, Shop!

Double 11 2021 – On Your Marks, Get Set, Shop!

Pre-sales for Double 11 2021 kicked off on Wednesday, four hours earlier than in previous years. Analysts predict that it will be a record year for sales given the early start. The extended shopping window means that consumers don’t need to stay up so late to catch their favourite bargain and it will also help with logistics – giving vendors more time to arrange timely delivery.

Double 11 is also known as Singles’ Day in China. November 11th is the day of the year with the most ‘1’s when written in numerical form. In recent years, it has become the world’s biggest shopping festival and has become the most awaited day of the year for China’s online shoppers!

Double 11 first launched in 2009 through Tmall, however all online shopping platforms in China now participate. Watch out for, Douyin and Kuaishou – some other leading online sales channels in China.

Double 11 2021 in Figures

  1. A record 290,000 brands will be participating
  2. Over 14 million discounted products will be on offer
  3. 900 million consumers are expected to participate in China

Last year, Tmall’s sales reached almost US$80 billion during the 10 days of the shopping festival. This was 26% higher than 2019 and was the largest rate of growth in the past few years. However, Double 11 2021 is predicted to top that!

Key Trends for Double 11 2021

  1. Platforms will now offer digital coupons in the form of China’s digital currency, e-RMB (Digital Yuan)
  2. More uptake of ‘group purchase’ tokens (similar to Groupon). This gives consumers more purchase power as they buy in bulk
  3. Expansion of international brands capitalising on the world’s biggest shopping day
  4. Major platforms are putting more focus on sustainability and will use more renewable energy than in previous years in fulfilment.

Are you going to be shopping online this Double 11? We hope you secure some serious discounts on your chosen items!

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