Will Coronavirus Impact Your Studies?

Will Coronavirus Impact Your Studies?

Corona is likely to impact every area of our lives, especially education. We understand that governments across the world will be implementing different measures. This may range from switching to online classes or closing institutions altogether.

If you are a teacher or current student of Chinese, you may have a lot of unanswered questions. You may be wondering if there is any value in starting or continuing. You may also be wondering how to keep up with your Chinese in the meantime. Hopefully we can put your mind at ease.


Coronavirus is making me question learning Chinese. Is there any value in starting, or continuing?

Regardless of what happens, today or tomorrow, Chinese will remain the most spoken language in the world. Your knowledge of Chinese Language and Culture will always be valuable. The Coronavirus outbreak has made it even more evident how globalised our current world is. Collaboration amongst nations is one reason we can effectively deal with pandemics.

Even if you’re learning Chinese for fun, there are numerous benefits. It’s proven that language learning improves your memory, cognitive and decision-making skills. Language learning also delays the development of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. If you are currently self-isolating, you might quickly succumb to boredom. Language learning combats this boredom by stimulating your mind.

Lastly, if you’ve already started learning Chinese… Why stop? To reap the rewards of investing in such a difficult language you need to remain consistent. You don’t want to be that person full of regrets because they gave up on a good thing.

Coronavirus is impacting my access to education. How Can I keep up my Language Learning?

We’ve convinced you to keep learning Chinese – hooray! However now you ask how exactly you’re going to do that. This is particularly crucial for those that teach or study Chinese. In the coming weeks you may be unable to attend classes. You may be unable to meet language exchange partners. You me unable to travel to Chinese speaking countries. Fear not, we have some great ways to maintain your skills:

  • The Chairman’s Bao App: Our App is the most effective way to keep up with your Chinese. What’s more effective than current affairs articles written in Chinese? Our articles are [a] contemporary [b] exclusive and [c] informed. In addition, they are all categorised by HSK level. This makes them the perfect companion for your exam preparations. We will also be introducing Premium exclusive content so don’t miss out.
  • Language Through Media: We’ve written about the best shows on Netflix for learning Chinese. It’s undeniable that using media is an effective way to consolidate your language skills. This is especially useful  those that struggle to commit to a strict self-study routine. If you are a teacher or tutor, we have a great way for you maintain engagement. Create Chinese Music playlists and curate film lists.
  • Language Through Gamification: We mentioned gamification in our latest post about ways to improve character memorization.  Language learning through games is great for visual learners. Games are perfect for maintaining the attention of children and those that suffer from attention issues. This kind of studying is great because it doesn’t feel like studying.

We hope you found this useful. We’re always here to keep you motivated and provide you with the best tips to help you on your language learning journey!

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