1. Frances Weightman 29/01 – Congratulations to the whole team on a truly excellent site. I hope it is a great success — it’s a fabulous resource for both teachers and students alike. Source: Email
  2. qcampbell3 via /r/Chinese/ sent This is absolutely brilliant. You really did it right (providing audio, including a live dictionary, sorting by HSK level). Wow. Will definitely be spreading this around. Source: Reddit

  3. Guys, you’re doing a fantastic job. Really appreciate what you’re doing. Just registered for the website… still looks like it’s in its early days, but still looks amazing, and the potential is remarkable.

    Loving the articles, and the instant dictionary. Keep up the hard-work.

  4. OMG! Just wanted to say I’ve been studying Chinese like forever and now I finally found you guys! Your content is amazing. Interesting, current, READABLE! What else can I say? Keep up the good work!
  5. Trace Ostergren Student Body Vice President 2014-15, International Business, Chinese Japanese Studies- Hello Matt- I’m a big China Guy like yourself. Just came across The Chairman’s Bao in my Facebook news feed, clicked it, watched the intro video and was so impressed I felt the need to write you!

    This is a fantastic product and I applaud you! Well done!


    Trace Ostergren
    Student Body Vice President 2014-15
    International Business
    Chinese Japanese Studies

  6. From: escherichia_c – Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎22‎ ‎January‎ ‎2015 ‎01‎:‎31
    A couple issues: first, every time I save a word, the page jumps to the top so I have to find my place in the text again. Second, only a few of the words I save show up in my word library.Overall, though, fantastic website! It’s easy to navigate and a great resource. Thanks for everything you’ve done.

  7. Bryan <herberbt@gmail.comDate: 28 January 2015 08:09:18 GMT – For the record, this site is awesome! I just found out about it today and I have already been telling all my friends. Brilliant idea! Too bad I didn’t have this tool when I was intensively studying a few years ago
  8. Dear Team of Chairman’s Bao,I just want to say thank you for your engagement in this website! As my major is not chinese studies I have serious problems to develop my chinese skills besides uni. My uni in Berlin is not offering sufficient language courses to those, who are trying to learn chinese on an intermediate or higher level. I already passed HSK4, but my aim is to be able to read chinese properly. I am sure this website can help me lots! So Thank you very much! I am looking forward to read more of your articles! Best regards from Berlin, Johannes. Source: Feedback email
  9. I LOVE your site.  It is a fantastic learning tool for an intermediate learner who is working hard to becoming fluent.  It is so difficult to find great intermediate-level reading and listening. 
  10. I just discovered your website through a blog I follow and I have to say it’s becoming my favourite site for practicing Chinese. You have made something that a lot of learners have been looking for; news stories with audio. It’s incredibly helpful to listen and read at the same time and the site is so well thought out. Just wanted to say what a good job you are all doing 🙂 – Rob
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